Monday, August 25, 2014

What is Your Robot Code?

My boy, like most, absolutely loves robots.  So today in my best Mommy Robot voice I asked him what his robot code was.  He looked at me bewildered.  I explained that everyone came with a Robot Code when they were born, that they needed to know.  He was utterly fascinated at that point!  I pointed to Daddy and told him what his Robot Code was.  Then I told him mine.  Then I wrote down his six digit birthday on a sheet of paper.  "That is your Robot Code."  I exclaimed.  He was thrilled!  Now we can incorporate his Robot Code into various lessons.

he read
- Rugrats Jungle Trek
- Lion King Simba's Pride
- D.W The Picky Eater
- Meet the Minions
- Rugrats Junk, Sweet, Junk
- Rugrats At the Movies
- Yellow Blues


The worksheets were on addition, counting by fives and tens, telling o'clock times, and discussing halves.

He completed one round of The Globe Game.

He practiced writing cursive letters and numbers on his laminated sheets.


He worked on his Spanish lessons 1-3 on

Homeschooling Year 2 Day 12
First Grade

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Typing Instructor For Kids

Zen was on the computer getting ready for his Spanish Lessons and he told me he wanted to play Typing Instructor For Kids instead.  I had forgotten it was even there!  He played on it for two hours and every once in a while challenging me to complete one of the "Island Missions".  It was a great, unexpected way to keep him motivated to try harder.  He loved it, I couldn't pull him away from it.  It wasn't part of the schedule, but it worked nicely as an unschooled moment.

he read
- Rugrats Pizza Cats
- Henry and Mudge The Best Day of All
- Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble

.He completed his cursive, numbers, and addition laminated sheets

He worked on first and second grade math on for 65 minutes.

Homeschooling Year 2 Day 11
First Grade

Friday, August 22, 2014

Homeschooling Day 10

he read
- Together
- A Book About Your Skeleton
- Toby Tire
- Im Am Inventing An Invention

We finally got some laminating pouches which are perfect for learning things like how to write cursive and numbers!

He had to distinguish between what was real and make believe.  He didn't do so well, but was in hysterics by some of the images conjured up by some of the sentences!

                                     We discussed what actions were and he had to color them orange.

Lessons 1-3 on

                                                      Counting By Twos

He organized cute monkey cut outs by 2's (2-20), 5's (5-100), and 10's (10-100)!

He took a few fun dance breaks with the link below!!

Homeschooling Year 2 Day 10
First Grade

Monday, August 18, 2014

Free Scholastic Printables!

We found another great link for free printables by scholastic!

he read
- The Day the Mice Stood Still
- TMNT Splinter's Last Chance
- Alice the Fairy
- Winnie the Pooh Good as Gold

Free Reindeer counting by fives printable because Santa activities are fun any time of the year!


Zen also played one round of The Globe Game and played with his Math Monsters!

Homeschooling Year 2 Day 9
First Grade

Math Monsters for Memorizing Math Facts!

Meet our Math Monsters!  Though originally cereal boxes, they have transformed into math fact eating machines that grumble when you feed them!  Math Monster Ten only eats addition equations that equal ten, while Math Monster Nine only eats equations that equal nine!  We've had these guys for two days and so far this little trick seems to be working in memorizing addition math facts!  Coming soon is Math Monster Eight and Math Monster Seven!


* Be sure to make all of the slips the same color so that they can't color coordinate for the answers instead of learning and memorizing.  Also put the equation on one side and then reverse on the opposite side. (ie 3+7 on one side and 7+3 on the other side)

More Fairy Tale Printables

Frog & Toad Books
- Alone
- Shivers
- Cookies
- A Good Day for a Swim
- The Lost Button
- A  List

He completed lessons 1-3 of spanish on

He spent 60 mins doing first grade math on



Homeschooling Year 2 Day 8
First Grade